Calling Dr. Freud

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Calling Dr. Freud

Post by benwhowell »

I've always been a big fan of mental illness...
TCM's latest "subliminal experiment" in saluting psychiatry has helped me to embrace mine... :shock:
Last night I had a curious dream. (Cue fog.)
I was in my living room-sitting in my favorite spot-watching a movie on TV. (I seldom dream about watching movies. The running theme in my dreams is shopping (?) )
Anyway, the movie was some sort of racy sex farce. I'm not sure who the leading man was (Rock Hudson?,) but I was aware that he had a long... filmography. This movie featured many cameos from his previous leading ladies. I said to my partner, Joe, who was in the kitchen preparing a snack-"I wonder if Doris Day will show up?"
Lo and behold, a door opens and Doris Day enters-looking quite virginal and holding a bar of Ivory soap...
Handsome Johnny Eck

Post by klondike »

Ben, that is very, very interesting . .
(I was a little bummed that it didn't lead up to anything involving a black horse or a cherry tree . . but ya can't always get what ya want, right, Mick?)
Just on a hunch . . . when was the last time you watched Seconds?
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