Why Do You Love Movies?

Discussion of programming on TCM.

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Hello Lynn!
I started to watch movies at a very young age.My Mom was a movie buff, and she would tell me to come watch these movies with her .I never did not want to see what she was watching on the telly.My Mom was a great story teller ,and when we were watching these movies together, I was filled in on a host of back ground stories about the movie and the stars in them .My Mom especially had all the tibits on the old classic British movies, having grown up in Scotland, and going to the pictures on Saturdays.I love them because they give me an escape sometimes when I am blue .They take me back to the days of sitting on the couch with my Mom and listening to her talk about the movies and her love of them .It's unique how people with their passion of these movies hand them down to the next generations. I find myself doing that now with my kids and they are really interested in knowing about the stories that are made with these movies.Lynn you would love this my daughter wants to see The Searchers,but I am leary of showing her that one yet .I think she is to young to see it.I watched alot of John Wayne's movies at her age but for some reason I feel compelled to hold her back and just let her watch more family movies at this point.I can't wait to watch GWTW with her. . Carol :D
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What a lovely story, Carole! If I ever have kids I hope they won't mind watching those classics and listening to my stories either. It's encouraging to know your children do enjoy that. :)
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My story is a little but different from everyone else's since I didn't become a classic movie fan until after I was married. When I was growing up, our television time was monitored very closely (although I seem to remember every Gilligan's Island episode). My Mom didn't watch much television and can rarely sit still long enough for a whole movie! Of course, we had a annual Wizard of Oz fest and saw a few other musicals such as Oklahoma. Growing up, my escape was mainly books. If my mom told me to put my book down and go outside, I just took it with me and climbed a tree!
When I lived in St. Louis, then Indianapolis, I was drawn to all the wonderful used book stores. I bought The Gay Divorcee and My Man Godfrey videos for one dollar each on a lark and have been hooked ever since. It wasn't until moving to our current home in the country where I was forced to get satellite (if I wanted any television at all) that I was introduced to TCM and I never want to give it up. Now I've become a maniacal taper since most of what I want to see is on at inconvenient times for me.
My favorite movies are 30's comedies/musicals with fabulous ball gowns, villians who are annoying at worst, tuxedos and an ocean liner thrown in for good measure. I feel as though I am transported to another time and place and I think it is especially fitting since that's just what those movies were designed to do in the depression era. What was that headline...:Hicks nix stix pix"...or something like that! I'm very fortunate that I have a good life with not many big problems but I am a worry wart about other people and it's tough for me to go to sleep wondering if somebody needs something. But whether it's Fred dancing or Patsy yelling down a cab or Jean plotting over her man, I can block out my world of thoughts and enter theirs.
I do enjoy other genres of film including some Noir but it seems set apart from reality to me when it takes place in a past era. I do not enjoy sad films and will not watch animal films. (I have issues with Lassie).
I have enjoyed being part of this and the other forum where I can read others discussions about many aspects of classic movies. I am learning about directors, technology and history of classic movies and I thank everyone here for that education. I enjoyed reading all your stories. B
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why I love movies

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I can't imagine what life was like before movies. They've been here for my entire life to escape with, fall in love with, make me happy (at least for awhile) or make me cry.

When a guy would take me on a date to a movie, I wanted to WATCH the movie so I made some guys mad and never went out with them again. Oh well. I mark the passage of time by what movie I saw or what song was out. Even when I was in labor I watched movies.

I think if you take the baseball speech that James Earl Jones gives toward the end of Field Of Dreams and took out the word baseball and substituted movies it's pretty much how I feel about them.

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