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The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 6:55 pm
by moira finnie
TCM is tossing some great gifts to viewers via their entire schedule this December, and one big present deserves to be mentioned prominently, though I hope that everyone chimes in with "don't miss" recommendations all month long:


Cary Grant is The Star of the Month with 42 movies from This is the Night (1932) to Walk, Don't Run (1966) being shown beginning at 8pm each Monday night. One Grant movie that I would recommend (with a few bittersweet holiday moments too): In Name Only (1939) @12/23

You can see more about all the movies being aired this month at the link to TCM below & join our ongoing discussion of Mr. Grant by many members at the thread below (don't miss CineMaven's clever poster for this SotM & the insightful comments there).

The Cary Grant Profile on TCM's website: ... ember.html

The Cary Grant Thread here on the SSO: ... &start=180

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 8:05 pm
by Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth Movies on TCM

1 Monday
10:15 AM
A flighty socialite neglects her family to promote a new religious group.
Dir: George Cukor Cast: Joan Crawford , Fredric March , Ruth Hussey .
BW-117 mins, CC

7 Sunday
7:15 PM
The boarders at an English resort struggle with emotional problems.
Dir: Delbert Mann Cast: Deborah Kerr , Rita Hayworth , David Niven .
BW-100 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

15 Monday
11:45 PM
A team of flyers risks their lives to deliver the mail in a mountainous South American country.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast: Cary Grant , Jean Arthur , Richard Barthelmess .
BW-121 mins, CC

24 Wednesday
9:00 PM
A nightclub dancer makes it big in modeling, leaving her dancer boyfriend behind.
Dir: Charles Vidor Cast: Rita Hayworth , Gene Kelly , Lee Bowman .
C-107 mins, CC,

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 5th, 2014, 1:26 pm
by kingrat
Having missed the little-known late Preminger film, The Human Factor (1980), I wondered if anyone else had seen it. Graham Greene novel, a lot of good English actors. Is it a gem to be discovered or not so much?

Saturday morning's Rawhide is a fine Henry Hathaway western with Tyrone Power and Susan Hayward. No relation to the TV show of the same name. There's a Desperate Hours situation at a stagecoach stop.

Other non-holiday offerings which caught my eye:

Monday the 8th has a King Vidor tribute. Sunday the 14th has a showing of an unfamiliar Ingmar Bergman film, Dreams (1955), starring Harriet Andersson and Gunnar Bjornstrand. I'm a big Harriet Andersson fan. Wednesday the 17th has a day of film noir, and the morning of Thursday the 18th is devoted to Jules Dassin films other than the noirs he's best known for. Never on Sunday is the only one I've seen.

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 11th, 2014, 7:12 pm
by moira finnie
TCM Remembers 2014...we lost some who were part of lives for generations this year

phpBB [video]

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 11th, 2014, 7:39 pm
by Rita Hayworth
Thanks for sharing this wonderful video - many of these movie and television personalities are my favorites ... man, too many great ones has passed away leaving us with great memories on screen both small and large alike. I just loved this so much!

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 17th, 2014, 1:46 pm
by moira finnie
A friend asked me to recommend a Cary Grant movie that is as unlike his familiar persona as possible.

My pick was None But the Lonely Heart (1944), which is on TCM on 12/30 at 12:15pm (ET). I suspect that story was rather close to Archie Leach's own background.


Which role would you choose?

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 17th, 2014, 2:05 pm
by knitwit45
Father Goose? I just can't imagine Mr. G unshaven, gross, or mean to small children..... :roll:

Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 17th, 2014, 11:52 pm
by Vecchiolarry


Today, Wednsday, I enjoyed some great performers in 1950 movies - Marjorie Main and James Whitmore in a comedy mystery, "Mrs. O'Malley & Mr. Malone"... Marjorie singing off-key in a nightclub was knee-slapping hilarious!!!
Ann Dvorak and Dorothy Malone were also featured.....

Also, Elsa Lanchester turned up as a conniving landlady/blackmailer in "Mystery Street"; along with floozie, Jan Sterling - - I enjoyed them both immensely...

Ann Sothern gave a good performance as a killer in "The Shadow on the Wall" - - an unusual role for her...

Jean Hagen, as a traitorous chanteuse/barfly in "Side Street" was great as she leads Farley Granger to hood, James Craig.... Fine actress....

I greatly enjoyed these films and those performances - - what a day!!!!!

Also, I wish to alert you to:
Monday, December 22nd at 10:15 AM EST/7:15 AM PST- - -
"Lightning Strikes Twice" (1951) - starring Ruth Roman and Richard Todd - two of my favourites; and my good friend, Mercedes McCambridge....


Re: The December 2014 TCM Schedule

Posted: December 29th, 2014, 6:36 pm
by Sue Sue Applegate
Thanks, Larry! I enjoyed those films you recommended!
Mercedes McCambridge was wonderful in that film.
Don't miss Cary Grant's last Star of the Month Celebration tonight with Father Goose and Houseboat during prime time.

Here's a little of the backstories to both films in my last article on ... is-tonight