A note about Moira

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A note about Moira

Post by Lzcutter »

Hey gang,

I got a note from Moira this evening. She needs to take a short break from our reindeer games here. Seems her health issues are causing her some distress, especially in sitting at the computer for any length of time.

She says that once she gets beyond this, hopefully it won't take more than the usual amount of time, she'll be back. In the meantime, I plan to stay in touch with her and pass along any missives and communications that she writes.

So, let's all hold a good thought for her, wish her well and a speedy recovery.

Because, we really will miss you, M!
Lynn in Lake Balboa

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Re: A note about Moira

Post by srowley75 »

Sorry to hear that. God bless you, Moira. I hope you feel much better soon. Thanks for always bearing with me.

Mr. Arkadin
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Get well soon Moira. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by knitwit45 »

You are already missed, so don't be gone too long! Get well soon, dear friend. You are in my prayers.


Re: A note about Moira

Post by jdb1 »

I'm so sorry to hear about Moira, who is our Guiding Light here.

Miss M, please stay healthy and pain-free, and laugh as loud and as often as you can. Like this: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Love & XXXXX from Judith
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by ChiO »

Our best wishes and prayers for a rapid return to health and SSO, Moira.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by Dewey1960 »

Thanks for everything, Moira. Talk with you soon!

Re: A note about Moira

Post by feaito »

My best wishes to our dear friend Moira. I wish you a speedy recovery. Very sincerely. Fernando
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by ken123 »

Get well soon.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by CharlieT »

Take care of yourself and hurry back, Moira.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by charliechaplinfan »

God bless you Moira and give you a swift recovery.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by JackFavell »

Moira - Take care and take it easy..... we miss you already and will be thinking of you every day.
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by silentscreen »

God Bless you Moira, and I wish you a speedy recovery.
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Sue Sue Applegate
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by Sue Sue Applegate »


Please get well soon! You are so beloved by all here, not only for your wit and wisdom, but also your kindness,
patience, and efforts to go the extra mile!

Love to you and yours,
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Re: A note about Moira

Post by MissGoddess »

Moira, I can imagine some of what you are going through...so I will hold a good thought and pray for you to find comfort and strength until you get past this.

This too, shall pass. Even though it doesn't always seem so.
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