What is your favorite television drama?

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Post by ChiO »

There were many wonderful ones, but the three that immediately come to mind as favorites are:

Twin Peaks (Season 1) -- One of those shows that one either loved or hated, which I take as a good sign. I loved it. Music, mood, murder and ...Russ Tamblyn. What's not to love?

Hill Street Blues -- The show that everyone in my office debriefed each other on the morning after. Let's be careful out there.

The Defenders -- I watched Perry Mason and I liked Perry Mason, but I loved this show. Even I knew that one couldn't win evey case with a confession in the witness stand. E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed made the practice of law seem honorable.
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Post by Bogie »

in no particular order

LAW & ORDER (up til Jerry Orbach died)
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Return Of The Log Lady

Post by benwhowell »

Another "Twin Peaks" fan.
I'm always giddy and a little surprised with the casts of a David Lynch project. "Twin Peaks" ran the gamut-from Ray Wise to Piper Laurie (wearing an eyepatch!) to Peggy Lipton. He also used some interesting directors on the series-including Diane Keaton and Tim Hunter-who directed "River's Edge" in '86.
A few of my other faves include-
"Six Feet Under"
"Party Of Five"
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Post by feaito »

As a teenager I used to love "James at 15" with the now forgotten Lance Kerwin.

I also liked "Family", "Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected" and "Twin Peaks".
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Post by SSO Admins »

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably my all time favorite.

Lately I've been watching The Naked City on DVD, which is damned good.
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Post by cinemalover »

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a guilty pleasure of mine. But my favorite Drama might have to be West Wing. The writing is so good with its ability to make you believe that you are inside the inner circle of the President that nothing else compares for me.

I also loved Hill Street Blues as it was the show that brought me back to television after completely losing interest in series TV. But I tend to put it in the category of Police Drama, though it was very well written and executed and has more dramatic (i.e. non-police) content than most straight dramas.

I used to enjoy L.A. Law, but I haven't seen it in ages and I'm not sure how it would hold my interest today.
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Teen angst...

Post by benwhowell »

Nando, thanks for mentioning "James At 15." I loved that show!
Also-"My So Called Life" and "American Dreams."
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Post by movieman1957 »

For the most part it's the original "Law and Order."

Probably the only thing that has, or will ever have, any shot at beating "Gunsmoke" for longest running prime time series.

In the last ten years or so little of the new stuff has held my interest. "Picket Fences: was good. I like "House."

My brother and my father swear by "West Wing."

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Post by mrsl »

There has never been, nor never will be, as far as I'm concerned a show as good as The West Wing. It had everything, humor, drama, mystery, emotion - the very best you could possibly hope for.


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Re: Teen angst...

Post by feaito »

benwhowell wrote:Nando, thanks for mentioning "James At 15." I loved that show!
Wasn't it good Ben? I felt so identified with James adolescent issues... It has never been object of re-runs in Chile... I'd like to watch it again from an adult's point of view, to see what happens with my perception of the show...

Post by jdb1 »

It's so hard to make such choices. I've seen so very much TV in my lifetime, and fortunately a lot of it has been memorable to some degree.

I think my all-time favorite drama is probably St. Elsewhere. I will remember to my dying day the face of David Morse as a young doctor listening to the heart of his dead wife beating in the chest of a transplant patient. Amazing. Gives me chills to think of it.

I'd put Buffy a close second. I remember loving The Defenders and Naked City, but I haven't seen either one in many years.
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Post by MissGoddess »

1. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

2 Inspector Morse (U.K.)

I enjoyed Dynasty and Dallas as a kid but I'm not much into them now. Right now I really am starting to like I Spy, some of the Secret Agent shows (aka Danger Man) and now I'm waiting to get my first glimpse of Medic (Richard Boone).
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