Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

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Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Post by mrsl »

Two Weeks ago I ordered the first season of this series and it arrived on Thursday. I was so thrilled that I sat down and had a little marathon of my own with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. Unfortunately, however, I watched too many and again on Saturday morning, so that I finished all four discs by late Saturday afternoon, and now I have nothing to watch, boo-whoo :( :( :( The best thing I can say is I watched them all so quickly that I'm sure I can watch them again in 6 months or so and they will seem fresh and new.

In any case, I am planning to get the other seasons as soon as I save up the money (these were from a monetary Mothers Day gift). and hopefully we will get a fifth season. After four seasons of playing patty cake, I was so happy to see that kiss in the restaurant even though it wasn't for any particular romantic reason, but Jack laughing at Phryne's antics in getting her mug shots was a cute scene. I'm also happy to see the two girls being more involved in Phryne's cases, and they fact that Jack is finally accepting her thoughts on the murder scene and the body.

Altogether I love this show and wish we had something like it here in the USA instead of the stupid reality crud we have. The idea of having the setting in the Roaring Twenties gives so much opportunity for unusual stories, just as holding the Morse series in the 60's, and Foyle in the late 40's and early 50's. Solving crimes and chasing criminals without the aid of technology makes for a much more exciting program - no cell phones, finger prints must be matched by sight, and even the coroner has to really dig deeply to find the root of certain chemicals. It would be great if people could get interested like they have in Downton Abbey.

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Re: Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Post by knitwit45 »

Anne, for 4.99 a month, with a FREE 30 day trial, Acorn has both season one and season two of Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. They do not charge you until your free trial period expires. It's acorn tv.com. They have all the Foyles War series, Poirot, Miss Marple, some really interesting documentaries..check it out.

The MFMM series was in danger of being dropped after season two, and the fans raised such a fuss, it was picked up for season three, which is now showing in Australia. Hopefully, Acorn will have it soon...the wait is killing me. Essie Davis is a force to behold, isn't she? And Nathan Page...well, this old girl still has a pulse, for sure :oops: :oops: :oops: .
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