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FaceOff - Movie make-up series

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On SyFy network beginning tonight is new season of: FaceOff. It shows how movie make-up is created and applied. It is presented as competition among artists to deliver character who meets stated requirements. It will air on Wednesday nights this year. They usually re-air episode later in the night and again the next week as lead-in to new episode.

It does concentrate heavily on fantasy and science fiction characters but they have done also Shakespeare characters and other mainstream characters. I found the Shakespeare episode very interesting because it was to highlight that men played women characters in time of Shakespeare and so challenge was to make men look like women characters from variety of plays. I felt that three were quite successful as I would have thought they were women if I had seen them in casual environment.

I do hope that none are repelled by 'reality show' aspect because it is not truly of that ilk. There are no interpersonal rivalries. They are quick to help each other when difficulties arise. Primary challenge is for each to do their best and draw deeply on their talents and skills. It is a panel of make-up experts who decide which creations do not meet technical standards or conform to requirements.

I find it very interesting how many aspects come into play when creating characters. Anatomy must be correct even with most outlandish alien characters. Silhouette of character is important to establishing: 'presence.' I knew that color and shading were important but it is amazing to see how slight changes during final preparation makes huge changes.
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