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At first I was surprised to hear about the possibility of many actors not attending the Oscar program because of the failure to offer more black and Indian actors the starring roles usually given to caucasian actors. I thought Why are they upset when just a few years ago so many of the leading Oscars went to black actors like Hallie Berrie and Denzel Washington, but over the holidays one afternoon I tossed in one of my favorite holiday movies: "Holiday Inn". Suddenly I was fast forwarding through the month where the whole cast did the number in black face. I was all alone at home but I was embarrassed to see that going on. It's amazing how we become so inurred to certain things as they become more and more of our daily lives. I've seen that movie many, many times (in fact it was the second DVD I ever purchased), and yet I found myself thinking how awful that scene was, yet it was because I've learned so much about how the black people feel and how it is now more commonly known than 30 years ago.

I guess some sort of a public protest is necessary, but I don't think it should be at the Oscars. I grant that roles should be more widespread, and hope that something will be done this year to correct the situation, but it is not fair to take it out on fellow actors this year. Unless I'm wrong and these complaints have been going on for several years (I truly don't know), I believe any boycotts should be held off until next year if nothing changes.

Any agreements, or disagreements?

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