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Re: BBC Suggestions

Posted: April 20th, 2015, 9:26 am
by movieman1957
For those of us that are fans of "Inspector Morse" you may want to try the prequel "Endeavour." I am very late to the party as this film was the pilot of the series that has followed.

In this film we are introduced to a very young Morse who is new to the force and is brought with a group of other police officers to work on a missing girl's case. Not very soon after her body is found and the murder investigation begins. Throughout the complicated plot Morse is given an opportunity to show his skills as he impresses his bosses. Being young there are a few slips and he can get ahead of himself. Ultimately, he comes to the conclusion of who killed the girl and it cuts him to his very soul.

One thing I was doing while watching was looking for traits of the later character. We learn some of his family. (If we knew anything over the 15 years of "Morse" it was he wasn't fond of sharing.) We know right away of his love of opera. He is too young to be gruff but we also know that he has always been ill at ease around bodies. Somewhat shy and polite almost to a fault we also come upon his often frustrating relationship with women. But this is all neatly woven into this involved and detailed mystery.

You get to see the Jaguar at a couple of points but it rests in a dealership with no indication of its impending purchase. Two lovely little nods to the later series is a small tribute to John Thaw and, as hoped, they used the same theme music. Barinngton Pheloung has been the music composer to all the Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis and now Endeavour. Smart people doing smart things.

Recommended but you must watch closely or it will be easy enough to miss things or get confused. Also, if you haven't seen any of the original "Inspector Morse" many, if not all, are streaming on Netflix. "Endeavour" was on Amazon Prime Video. (You will also find Inspector Lewis on Amazon as well.)