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Hi Mr. Ark - Glad you finally got around to seeing JOHNNY O'CLOCK. An oddly compelling film to be sure. What it might lack in story and plot dynamics it more than makes up for in mood and character. Give it another shot in a month or two and you'll see what I mean; it's one of those that improves with repeated viewings.
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Dewey, I liked it. I did not mean to infer that I didn't. What I was trying to say is although the plot was pretty basic, the acting was great and more than made up for it's simplicity.

Most noir films are almost the opposite in the fact that they have a plot that's so complicated you have to back up the VHS or DVD just to make sure you're in sync with what's going on. This film was almost an enjoyable melodrama with a crime attached to it. A nice film and yes I will be re-watching. Thanks for the reccomendation, I'm glad I have it.
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Glad everyone likes JOHNNY O'CLOCK. I certainly do. Nobody has mentioned Ellen Drew. She really made me sit up and take notice. I thought she had the best female role. Jane Greer couldn't have done it better.
A big part for Thomas Gomez too, such a good actor.
Nice part for John Kellogg too.
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I caught the second half on TCM a few years ago. I was impressed. Haven't seen the whole thing.
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