DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

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DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by Dewey1960 »

New York Times film critic A.O. Scott gives DETOUR his "critics pick."
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Re: DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by CineMaven »

Oh wow...what a coincidence. One of my friends just sent me an e-mail of that. Glad "DETOUR" is recognized as one of the great classics of the 1940's. Poor Al. He just couldn't catch a break, could he.

HEY, who left their fate out their on the road. It just tripped me up!!!!
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Re: DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by kingrat »

I didn't like Detour as much as I expected to and wanted to. The pacing is off. The opening is slow and not too interesting, it takes too long to get Tom Neal on the road, and it takes too long to bring Ann Savage into the movie. I never expected that a noir classic would spend so much time with two people arguing in a hotel room. The film doesn't build effectively to its climax.

There are some nifty directorial touches, likes the eyes in the rear view mirror as the only thing visible on the screen. Tom Neal and Ann Savage are quite good, and there are some snappy lines. The notion of being stuck with this crazy woman is a true noir nightmare.

Perhaps I would have liked it better if I hadn't expected so much from the film's reputation, or if I hadn't seen it after The Mask of Dimitrios (now there's some amazing direction) and before Repulsion (ditto). Only saw the first 20 minutes of Repulsion last night, but the camera movements and editing rhythms were elegant and unsettling at the same time. Not a lot is happening, but the tone has been set and the tension continues to build. This is what the opening of Detour lacks. Detour is more like a solid two and a half out of four stars.
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Re: DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by ChiO »

There is a Kickstarter project for a documentary on DETOUR called DETOUR '45.

I'm not shilling for the project (though it would be nice to see it get finished), but there are some interesting notes and a 3 minute video here that includes excerpts of an Ann Savage interview.
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Re: DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by JackFavell »

That looks like a first class project ChiO, and one that needs to happen. I would love to see a restoration of the film. They have SO much information to share, it made me salivate!
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Re: DETOUR gets a NY TIMES critics pick

Post by Vienna »

Great seeing that Detour project. I like it a lot especially Ann Savage who could have been a bigger star given half a chance.
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