The Gentle Gunman

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The Gentle Gunman

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It's only in recent yrs I've seen John Mills as a star of Film Noir with the likes of The Long Memory, The Visious Circle and this film The Gentle Gunman.In this film Mills plays a character not unlike James Mason in The Odd Man Out, an I.R.A gunman who wants to renouce violent methods, luckilly unlike Mason's character Mill's lives to tell the tale.

His one problem is his brother, played by the up and coming Dirk Bogarde, who is still dedicated to the cause. Both men are in love with Elizabeth Sellers, but she would just as happily see them die as martars, but in the end after Bogarde himself renouces violent methods, both men leave her stranded as they walk of to a new and hopefully better life.

Robert Beatty is the villain and leader of their terrorist group. American actress, Barbara Mullen, who became best known for her Scottish housekeeper Janet in tv series Dr. Finlay in the 60s, is well cast as a middle-aged woman who sees her terrorist husband killed and her son James Kenny disabled in a mission that went wrong, making her shop Beatty and his group to the police
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Re: The Gentle Gunman

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This sounds very interesting, Stuart. I'd like to see it!
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