Can You Please List Your 25 Favorite Actresses?

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Post by coopsgirl »

I may end up getting the Fleming book and I definitely want to know what turns up about Clara :) .

I just remembered somebody I left out - Glenda Farrell. Sorry Glenda! :oops:
“I never really thought of myself as an actor. But I’d learned to ride on my dad’s ranch and I could do some roping stunts and working as an extra was better than starving as an artist nobody wanted on the West Coast.” - Gary Cooper
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Miss G

I don't know if it is just media talk, but Russell T Davies, the leaving producer of Doctor Who, suggested that a female Doctor might be a possibilty once David Tennant finishes next yr. His fav actress for the role is Lesley Sharp, who has been in Vera Drake and The Full Monty. His second choice actress is Catherine Zeta Jones, because like him, she's Welsh.

I've also heard she's being lined up to star oppisite to star oppisite current Doctor David Tennant in a block buster movie as his assistant
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Ann Harding
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Post by Ann Harding »

I realised I haven't made any real attempt as the there it is in no particular order:

Danielle Darrieux
Barbara Stanwyck
Claudette Colbert
Françoise Rosay
Lillian Gish
Constance Talmadge
Cyd Charisse
Deborah Kerr
Carole Lombard
Mae Clark
Edna May Oliver
Myrna Loy
Irene Dunne
Loretta Young
Margaret Sullavan
Jean Arthur
Vivien Leigh
....and Ann Harding of course! :)
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Moraldo Rubini
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Post by Moraldo Rubini »

This list was made from equal parts of pain and delight. I'd like to thank Ann Harding for listing the luminous Arletty. I think each of my gals has already been mentioned:

Meryl Streep - I always look forward to what she'll do next.
Judy Garland - brought far more to each role than was on the page
Garbo - hypnotic
Claudette Colbert - from young sex goddess to noble mother; what a career!
Giuletta Masina - look into her eyes and feel the sorrow and the elation.
Deborah Kerr
Irene Dunne
Gloria Graham - fascinating
Anna Magnani - Tragedienne whose smile would brighten the darkest day.
Marie Dressler
Carole Lombard - how can someone so beautiful be so human?
Sylvia Sidney
Thelma Ritter
Jean Arthur
Eve Arden
Patricia Clarkson
Ann Sothern/Joan Blondell (please allow me this cheat)
Edna Mae Oliver
Bette Davis
Joan Cusack
Kate Winslet
Eileen Heckert
Ingrid Bergman
Olivia DeHavilland
Audrey Hepburn

Gals that were pushed off the list by the above:

Kate Hepburn
Una Merkel
Charlize Theron
Loretta Young - Oh, I guess not; I'm just impressed with the span of her career.
Laura Linney
Gong Li
Joan Crawford
Virginia Grey

Honorable Mention:

Patricia Collinge
María Casares
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Post by Garbomaniac »

I couldn't resist this thread, but how can you stop at 25?

1. Greta Garbo
2. Marlene Dietrich
3. Jean Harlow
4. Hedy Lamarr
5. Gene Tierney
6. Lana Turner
7. Linda Darnell
8. Bette Davis
9. Norma Shearer
10. Ava Gardner
11. Rita Hayworth
12. Betty Grable
13. Alice Faye
14. Elizabeth Taylor
15. Katharine Hepburn
16. Gina Lollobrigida
17. Madeleine Carroll
18. Rozalind Russell
19. Merle Oberon
20. Maureen O’Hara
21. Joan Crawford
22. Olivia de Havilland
23. Joan Fontaine
24. Claudette Colbert
25. Myrna Loy
26. Marilyn Monroe*Sorry, I just couldn’t leave her out! :wink:
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Post by movieman1957 »

Welcome back stranger. :)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."
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Post by Garbomaniac »

Thanks, buddy! I was on the floor when I read that line from Groucho! Of course I have heard it before, but that doesn't seem to lessen its effect.

Post by jdb1 »

Chris, let's not say "Welcome back;" let's say "Welcome Home!"

How nice to see an old friend. :o

What's going on? Please stick around for a while, and Happy Holidays, too.

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Post by Garbomaniac »

Thank you, Judith! And, happy holidays to you, too. I will stick around for a while here. I stayed away because of a certain trouble maker over on TCM, but forgot all about this OASIS! After awhile, I did go back and visit every now and then, but so many others were gone, too! Then, as I was going through my favorites looking for a Garbo thread, I saw Silver Screen Oasis! So, I jumped back on, especially since Miss Goddess made it so easy with a LIST thread! How perfect! Anyway, it is nice to get a warm welcome, and I thank you, again.

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Post by Garbomaniac »

You know, Anne stated over in the 25 Actors thread that she was glad these lists were of favorites and not the greatest causes some of hers weren't considered greats.

Well, I too am glad, but most of my favorites are greats. In fact all of them are! I think I didn't list Eve Arden, Una Merkel, Helen Broderick, Edna May Oliver, and the guys, Eric Blore, Franklin Pangborn, Edward Everett Horton, and Ward Bond because they are usually standard fare in any good movie and automatically come with the big names. Ha! That was a pretty sneaky way of adding my favorite second stringers.
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