Lauren Bacall, both a classical/modern star.RIP

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Lauren Bacall, both a classical/modern star.RIP

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Lauren Bacall has died aged 89.

At lot of actresses IMO get better and more attractive as they get older, but Lauren at 19 captured a magical look in her first 3 films with Humphrey Bogart, To Have And Have Not, The Big Sleep and Dark Passage. In they're 4rth film together,Key Largo the look IMO had gone, as Lauren played a young, but plainish like widow that could have been played by someone older. That said I still think Key Largo is a great Bogarde/Bacall film, as good as the 1st 3. Bacall said herself she found great difficulty trying to live up to the image she created in those earlier films. I also believe the Bogart/Bacall romantic partnership is up there with Flynn/De Havilland and Wayne/O'Hara.

However, while I say she was at her most attractive at 19/20 I still think Bacall remained one of screens most beautiful women for most of her adult life, acting brilliantly in How To Marry A Millioniare, Blood Alley, Written On The Wind, Northest Frontier and The Shootist. For a long time I thought The Shootist was her last great film, even though she was still young when she made it. However, I've changed my mind having seen A Mirror Has Two Faces. I also remember in a 2 part episode in The Rockford Files

I'm adding 2 links of Lauren being interview on UK Tv, a recent on from The Paul O'Grady and one from The Parkinson Show in the 1970s. I wish I could have got the one where she guested on Parkinson with a young Billy Connelly, he was in awe of her......................................but I can't get it.
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