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Re: Joan Crawford and others

Posted: December 22nd, 2012, 8:44 pm
by JackFavell
Yeah, I can see that. Bad writing on my part, I see.

I love The Last of Mrs. Cheyney. This is where the distinction, "favorite" comes in, rather than good acting. I just love the movie, I love both Powell and Robert Montgomery, even with the fake British thing going on. I like the good natured-ness of it. And the ending. I always love Powell, especially when he does the noble thing. Plus, I do like Joan's character, I am not sure anyone could pull off that role any better. I haven't seen the other version. Joan had that earthy quality that denotes lower class burglar, but also there's a learned, quiet, confident refinement that I buy too. Aww heck, I just want for once in my life to be able to pass among the rich, wear impeccable gowns, and choose between William Powell and Robert Montgomery. It looks like such fun.