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He Was her Man

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He Was her Man

Postby ken123 » November 23rd, 2009, 6:42 am

I have seen this Cagney - Blondell film once before tody. That teaming is great. Its always nice to see John Qualen too. :D

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Re: He Was her Man

Postby movieman1957 » May 28th, 2014, 10:05 pm

I can't believe there was a thread on this film. I was looking for a Cagney thread.

It is not much of a film. Cagney has a Gable-esque mustache and opens the film in a turkish bath with not only a body towel but a terrycloth turban. (They all look funny.)

Cagney plays a bad guy on the run from a gang he sold out on a robbery. He meets Blondell when she sneaks back into what was her hotel room to recover a wedding dress. They have dinner and are smitten. The trouble is Blondell is on her way to marry Victor Jory. He is a fisherman. They get home and Cagney sort of moves in. All the while Blondell is falling for him while the family finishes up wedding plans. Meanwhile the gang is on the hunt for Cagney.

There isn't really much for Jimmy and Joan to do. Jory is more engaging. Qualen is fun and about as homely looking a man as you are likely to find.

Only for Cagney or Blondell completists.(?)

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