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Re: Titanic

Postby MichiganJ » April 9th, 2012, 3:11 pm

Approaching the hundred year anniversary of her sinking, two new studies suggest that good ol' Mother Nature played a significant role in both Titanic's sinking and provides a plausible reason as to why the California failed to come to her rescue. ... =1&_r=1&hp
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Re: Titanic

Postby mrsl » February 9th, 2013, 8:58 pm

I posted on this thread a couple of years ago about my reaction to the James Cameron extravaganza and how much I liked it. I know at some point on this site there was a question as to which version each of us liked best, A Night to Remember, Titanic (1953) or Titanic (1998). Today TCM played the Stanwyck (1953) version again and I have to say, with no interruptions and the ability to just sit and watch it, I find it to be simply a story of a marriage gone bad with a looming ship wreck as a background. It was a good movie, but no comparison to Camerons' version. Then again, I do believe the earlier 1943 Night to Remember was quite good at the facts and figures of the wreck. ie., more like a documentary.

Watching Barbara in Titanic was a pleasure. As usual she emoted, smiled, laughed, and cried in all the right places with perfect timing. Still love the lady.

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Re: Titanic

Postby Vienna » February 10th, 2013, 4:18 am

Thanks for all the interesting comments.
Last year I went to the new Titanic museum in Belfast and it was excellent. To see the tender, Nomadic, which was used to take the Titanic first class passengers out to the ship was amazing. Amazing too that the Nomadic has been preserved.
And to be able to walk around the dry dock in which Titanic sat is also amazing!

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Re: Titanic

Postby moira finnie » June 1st, 2013, 3:04 pm

The History Channel is showing a fascinating documentary about the Nazi version of the Titanic again--the tragedies were not all on screen, that's for sure:

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