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Today in Movie History...

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Today in Movie History...

Postby moira finnie » April 6th, 2013, 2:48 pm

Today in Movie History:

GREYFRIARS BOBBY (1961) was unleashed! I know I was probably too young to see it first run (and they sure didn't get too many first run movies at the Babcock Theater in upstate NY), but what a heartbreaker. (Think Old Yeller with a Scottish burr or The Three Lives of Thomasina, canine division, with a plaintive story rooted in reality). Och, yer a fine bonny little Skye Terrier, Bobby...


Man, what a cast of great character actors! Donald Crisp (in his sixth decade in movies), Gordon Jackson, Joyce Carey and Laurence Naismith.
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Re: Today in Movie History...

Postby RedRiver » April 7th, 2013, 3:22 pm

I was probably too young to see it first run

Not me. My dog loving mother would not have let us miss this. The problem is, I don't remember it. Haven't seen it since the original run! I remember a president named Kennedy. Something about a baseball player named Roger Maris. This movie has been relegated to "so they tell me" status. Remember this? (Not really...)

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Re: Today in Movie History...

Postby JackFavell » April 8th, 2013, 10:45 am

Och, it's a weepy alright! So sad it just stays with you....

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