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Hell Drivers. What a cast

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Hell Drivers. What a cast

Postby » April 7th, 2013, 1:27 pm


The Hell Drivers was made in 1957. It was a film about an ex con who becomes a trucker, but comes into conflict with his crooked foreman and Manager. It starred the established Stanley Baker as the trucker and the evil foreman was played by Patrick McGoohan. The fist fight between them both as fas I believe was done for real with Baker being an ex boxer.

The interesting thing for me was the cast, many of whom were not to well known at the time, but became big stars.

As I said earlier established Stanley Baker was the star. Now for the others.

Patrick McGoohan in just a few yrs became John Drake in Dangerman (Secret Agent in U.S) and followed it up with The Prisoner. His movie successes included Ice Station Zebra, Mary Queen Of Scots and Braveheart.

Herbert Lom, as Baker's trucking pal in the movie, had been a major character actor since the early 40s, playing Napolean in Young Mr. Pitt. However, in the 60s he became even more famous playing the lead role on tvs The Human Jungle and played Peter Seller's police boss in many of The Pink Panther movies. In the film, both he and Baker like the same girl played by Peggy Commins.

Though Peggy Cummins was the female lead in the film, but she made her last film appearence in 1964. However, also in the film in a small role was Jill Ireland, who went onto marry both David McCallum and Charles Bronson. As well as playing Marion Starrett in the tv version of Shane, Ireland also made many films with husband Bronson.

One of the truckers was played by Sean Connery. I wonder what became of him.James Bond of course as well as The Wind And The Lion, The Man Who Would Be King, The Untouchables and The Hunt For Red October.

Both Sid James and William Hartnel had been top character actors in post war Britain. However, in the 60s James became a major movie star in The Carry On movies and Hartnel in old age became tvs first Doctor Who

In the film David McCallum played Baker's crippled brother in a small role. Though he was good, there was very little sign of the hearthrob actor he'd become in tvs The Man From UNCLE, The Invisible Man and Colditz

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Re: Hell Drivers. What a cast

Postby Rita Hayworth » April 7th, 2013, 2:09 pm

Interesting Observation Stuart! :)
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Re: Hell Drivers. What a cast

Postby » April 7th, 2013, 7:34 pm

I should have also mentioned Gordon Jackson, who played another trucker. Jackson played leads early on in his career with the likes of Against The Wind, but he was soon relegated to character roles like Mac in The Great Escape. However, in the 70s he became a star again on tvs Upstairs Downstairs and The Professionals

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