Harper's Island

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Harper's Island

Post by mrsl »

I always try to see at least one episode of a new show to decide if I want to invest the rest of the season in it. This one really surprised me. First off, the entire cast are strangers to me, so it was hard to keep track of who was doing what, then the people started getting killed. You know me and horror movies, well this TV show doesn't really cut a lot of corners. i watched part of the second week, but that was it. Some of you who like the Halloweens, and Last House on the Left's might enjoy this one. I'll stick with the sci-fi of Eureka.


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Re: Harper's Island

Post by klondike »

Seen a lot of ads for this one, always looks to me like Ten Little Indians meets Twin Peaks. :evil:
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Re: Harper's Island

Post by nightwalker »

Well, I've been watching this. It's not bad, but it lacks the quirkiness of "Twin Peaks." The only real similarity between the two IMHO is that they both take place in small, rather isolated communities.

Some of the deaths are imaginatively staged but rather grisly.
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