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Post by Sue Sue Applegate »

This is a silly word game I played in college while I was grading a million and one freshman essays, most of which began with "In today's society of now" or "The benefits of drill team are very beneficial."

Subsitute the word "Javelina" for any word in a song title, movie title, book title, or televison program.
For example, "Look Homeward, Javelina."

If it's funny, respond with a smiley face. If you have a new one, just add it!
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Post by JackFavell »

This reminds me of something we used to do in younger days - add the the words "in bed" to any title.

Abott and Costello Meet Frankenstein in Bed

and so on.
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Post by kingrat »

This is great fun! I particularly like The Javelina Came C.O.D.

Imitation of Javelina
Gone With the Javelina
When a Javelina Calls
How Green Was My Javelina
A Javelina Grows in Brooklyn
Ice Station Javelina
The Glass Bottom Javelina
The Curious Javelina of Benjamin Button
A Time To Love and a Time To Javelina
All This, and Javelina Too
Sorry, Wrong Javelina
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Post by Professional Tourist »

Here's a riff with an AM theme :P

The Magnificent Javelinas
Journey Into Javelina
The Youngest Javelina
Javelina Eyre
The Seventh Javelina
Tomorrow, the Javelina!
Keep Your Javelina Dry
Our Vines Have Tender Javelinas
Her Highness and the Javelina
The Javelina in White
Johnny Javelina
The Blazing Javelina
The Story of Three Javelinas
Those Javelinas from Seattle
The Left Hand of Javelina
Meet Me In Las Javelinas
Javelina Eagels
Bachelor in Javelina
Who's Minding the Javelina?
Hush, Hush Sweet Javelina
What's the Matter with Javelina?
Dear Dead Javelina
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Post by kingrat »

You guys are making me laugh! And that's a good thing. We are all discovering The Discreet Charm of the Javelina. Masha, many thanks for the Bryan Forbes entry, which is one of the best yet. In return, the first enry is dedicated to you.

The Javelinas Are Flying
None But the Lonely Javelina
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Javelina
How To Stuff a Wild Javelina
Pierrot le Javelina
Javelina Preferred But Not Essential
Bob & Carol & Javelina & Alice
The Bitter Javelinas of Petra von Kant
Kiss the Blood Off My Javelina
Love Is a Many-Splendored Javelina
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Post by CoffeeDan »

You got me wound up, so I'm letting go:

Javelina Come Home
When Javalinas Collide
The Javelina in the Gray Flannel Suit
Behold My Javelina!
A Javelina Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich
2001: A Space Javelina
Walk Softly, Javelina
One Foot in Javelina
Snow White and the Seven Javalinas

I may come back to this . . .
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