Our first anniversary member poll

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Our first anniversary member poll

Post by SSO Admins »

Silver Screen Oasis will be celebrating its first anniversary next month. It was on April 14, 2007 that we threw open the doors here and let the movie chat begin.

To be honest, it feels like it's been a lot longer than that. I might even have some gray hairs now that I didn't have a year ago (not that I have many). But in my admittedly biased opinion, it's the best place on the net for discussing classic movies. Every one of our members has something interesting to contribute, and I think we have the smartest, most knowledgable group around.

In honor of our first anniversary, we've got a couple of special events planned.

We'll be having a contest with actual prizes. We'll let you know more about this next month.

We have a very special guest star for April. moirafinnie will be doing a formal announcement in the next day or so, but I'll just say that I'm really excited about this, and I don't get excited about much.

But somehow even that doesn't seem like enough. So we'd like to open the door for suggestions. What would you like to see us do to celebrate our first year?

I owe all of you a debt of gratitude for making this one of the most fun things I've ever done. You make this incredibly rewarding. Thank you all.
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Post by feaito »

Great news Jondaris.

I'm so very grateful that you and all the team are keeping up this wonderful, friendly, tolerant place for discussing movies, with so many people from different backgrounds, ages and countries. All gathered around this unique art that is Cinema.

It is hard for me to think of yet another thing you could do... You have done so much already... Wonderful guests (Mick La Salle, Eve Golden, David Shepard et al). Great discussion, viewpoint exchange; great layout; and now contests and prizes!!

My only real wish would be to meet you all and share a week watching Classic Films and having great forums and discussions after each session. THE SSO FILM CINEFEST. Wouldn't it be fantastic??
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Post by knitwit45 »

Jon, I think Nando got inside my head! I completely agree with his words, and would only add my own heartfelt thank you to his.

If you decide to have a filmfest....I'm in!!!!

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Post by charliechaplinfan »

Great news.

I'm glad I've come aboard to this enlightened and tolerant board. It's like home from home. I too would love to share a weekend with you all, watching films and meeting everyone :D

Can't wait to see who your guest star is :D
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Post by SSO Admins »

charliechaplinfan wrote: Can't wait to see who your guest star is :D
You're gonna love it. I guarantee it.
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Post by Ann Harding »

I can't thank Fernando enough for letting me know about this wonderful board. It's friendly and convivial: I just love it! :)

So you're celebrating your first birthday! Well, I hope they'll be many more!!!! All my best wishes Jondaris! :D

A Cinefest would be great, that's for sure! But, how can we gather people when we are so far away from each other? Thanks God for the Internet! 8)
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Post by SSO Admins »

I thank everyone for their kind words, although they really aren't necessary. Anyone can put up a message board, but it's the people who use it that make it a success. Trust me, the internet is full of empty boards. All the credit here goes to the members.

But that aside, assuming that we probably can't manage to schedule a cinefest in the next month, much less bring people from all over the world to attend it, what would you like to see us do for our birthday?
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Post by Dawtrina »

Meeting up for a classic film fest would be awesome, but would we watch The Devil and Miss Jones or The Devil in Miss Jones? : )

With such diverse interests, the bill would be fascinating. An evening filled with The Passion of Joan of Arc, Footlight Parade, Plan 9 from Outer Space and The Searchers? How would we program such a thing?!
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Post by movieman1957 »

I'm having a hard time thinking what we can all do together. Film related highlights from the last year? Favorite SSO moment? Interview an SSO member (anyone willing to part with a little history?)

Jon, are you having any general thoughts that we can run with?

I don't know. (Other than the contest.)

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Post by melwalton »

Right on, Jon.
It certainly, is the best site I've found. The members are more than
knowledgeable, They're pleasant and friendly. You've done a great job.
.... mel
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Post by Dewey1960 »

Kudos all around to the best movie site there is! It truly is taking on a life of its own.
A long weekend, round the clock SSO filmfest (programmed by all who attend) in some neutral agreed upon city might work.
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Post by mrsl »

We would need someone to tabulate this one, but it could be fun. Choose a film name from 1940 through 1959 that describes you, or your life, but don't include your name. It would be up to us to match them. Here's what I mean:

Moraldo Rubini - The Swan - Elegant, sleek and sophisticated.
Moirafinnie - The Story on Page One - Words and Writing ability
Miss Goddess - Summer Stock - Robust and fun
Me - With Six you Get Eggroll - A life lived outside the box.

I chose those years because not everyone is a silent or pre-code fan, and knowing what the movie is might help as a clue. The movie name and a short clue as I've given would be sufficient. All names could be P/M'd to one person who could list them out. It might make for some hard thinking, or if someone could embellish it a little, feel free.


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Post by catherine »

Those grey hairs you referred to are probably silver! :wink: Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary for a truly distinctive and engaging place where the 'management' has official announcements such as the one on Jan31/08. Celebration ideas? How do you guild a lily- maybe a seance to channel Marion Davies who hosted many (costume) parties?
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Post by ChiO »

Congratulations and a HUGE thanks to jondaris and everyone else who started this site and have welcomed divergent views.

I think a long weekend reunion/filmfest is a great idea. I humbly offer up Chicago as a relatively central location, easy to get to (how does one avoid getting hijacked to O'Hare?), and there are at least three of us here to help coordinate.

Of course, I'd be more than happy to have an excuse to go to NYC or the San Francisco area.
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Post by Jezebel38 »

How about a virtual birthday party / anniversary? It would take someone willing to host it though - with a digital camera, scanner, p.o. box. We could all find a birthday card or anniversary card with a movie theme or one that best suits our personalities, and sign with greetings, and mail off to the host. The host could then scan and post the cards on the site. Then Moira could bake one of her rum cakes and take a picture and post on site - we could also use other potluck items to savor over, and if Kyle was around he could mix the drinks ( I gather he is a bartender?). Then JohnM or Dewey could upload some rocking tunes, or we could share Youtubes of our favorite dance numbers or party antics. Then since we cannot TP anyones house, we could all asemble at a designated time and go over to the TCM suggest a movie site and spam it with requests for SHHH! THE OCTOPUS.
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