A VERY Special Guest Star in April

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moira finnie
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A VERY Special Guest Star in April

Post by moira finnie »

The Silver Screen Oasis is honored to announce that in the same month of April, when we will be celebrating our web site's first anniversary, we are privileged to have a very distinguished Guest Star as well.

Kevin Brownlow, one of the preeminent film historians in the world, will be visiting The Silver Screen Oasis from April 14-18, 2008. The generosity of spirit that Mr. Brownlow is exhibiting in sharing his time and knowledge with us is incredible, but not unusual for him.

From boyhood in the U.K., Kevin Brownlow has exhibited a fascination with movies, particularly silent films, which he began collecting at the age of 11. His interest in film led him and his friend Andrew Mollo to begin a project of their own as teenagers, imagining what might have been if the Nazis had invaded the British Isles. The eventual outcome of this was his first internationally acclaimed movie, It Happened Here (1965), which depicted a very different yet familiar British society under fascism.

Mr. Brownlow's greatest contributions to film history in that decade may have been the publication of two seminal nonfiction books, The Parade's Gone By.... as well as The War, the West and the Wilderness, which were based on his painstaking research and interviews with many of the still living participants in the birth of cinema. "The Parade's Gone By..." remains the benchmark by which all other studies on silent films are judged. Many film lovers have been smitten with the movies for life after opening this book, if you have only one book in your film library, "The Parade's Gone By..." is probably a first choice for that spot on your shelf. In this one volume Mr. Brownlow encompassed the technical and artistic adventure of the development of film and captured on the printed page that elusive collaborative alchemy that produced "movie magic".
During this same period Brownlow began to collaborate with David Gill with whom he would produce several award-winning documentaries on the silent era until Mr. Gill's death in 1998. One outstanding result of their collaboration has been the momentous documentary Hollywood (1980) narrated by James Mason, that chronicled the evolution of film from crude images to sweeping epics. The graceful use of archival footage was enhanced by on camera interviews with legendary figures from in front of the camera, such as Lillian Gish and Colleen Moore, to those who served behind the lens, such as Clarence Brown and King Vidor and even an occasional lowly silent movie prop man, such as Marion Morrison (aka John Wayne). Mr. Brownlow has also worked tirelessly for the restoration of films throughout his career, from the innovative French filmmaker Abel Gance's brilliant Napoléon (1927) to his recent documentary on the tumultuous life and times of a unique filmmaker in I'm King Kong!: The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper.

To read a wide-ranging interview that Kevin Brownlow gave at the British Film Institute, please click here. See below for more detailed information about Mr. Brownlow's creative contributions to cinema.

* A Sense of Carol Reed (2006)
* I'm King Kong!: The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper (2005)
* Garbo (2005)
* So Funny It Hurt: Buster Keaton & MGM (2004)
* Cecil B. DeMille: American Epic (2004)
* The Tramp and the Dictator (2002)
* Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces (2000)
* Universal Horror (1998)
* Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood (1996)
* D.W. Griffith: Father of Film (1993)
* Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius (1989)
* Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (1987)
* Unknown Chaplin (1983)
* Millay at Steepletop (1983)
* Hollywood (1980)
* Winstanley (1975)
* Abel Gance: The Charm of Dynamite (1968)
* It Happened Here (1965)
* Nine, Dalmuir West (1962)

* How It Happened Here. Doubleday, 1968.
* The Parade's Gone By.... Alfred A. Knopf, 1968.
* The War, the West and the Wilderness. Alfred A. Knopf, 1979.
* Hollywood, the Pioneers. William Collins, 1979.
* Napoleon: Abel Gance's Classic Film. Alfred A. Knopf, 1983.
* Behind the Mask of Innocence. Alfred A. Knopf, 1990.
* David Lean. Faber and Faber, 1996.
* Mary Pickford Rediscovered. Harry N. Abrams, 1999.

Kevin Brownlow Complete Filmography at IMDb
Kevin Brownlow Books

Please consider this your gilt-edged invitation to this very special event at the SSO with Mr. Kevin Brownlow from Monday, April 14 through Friday, April 18, 2008.
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Post by Dewey1960 »

What a fantastic surprise! Mr. Brownlow is not only one of my favorite authors on the subject of film, but he is also the creator of one of my favorite films from the 60s--IT HAPPENED HERE. His visit to the Oasis is bound to be sensational! Thanks, Moira!
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Post by charliechaplinfan »

That's wonderful news, the best person you could get. I've just started reading Behind The Mask Of Innocence and I love The Parade's Gone By. :D

The bad news I'm on holiday :cry: Is there any rules about submitting questions early or giving them to another member to ask for me?

Super news for the forum :D
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Post by jdb1 »

Wow, Moira - what a coup! This is sure to be wonderful. I feel so important - Kevin Brownlow is coming to our little website. :shock:

Thanks so much.
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moira finnie
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Post by moira finnie »

I think that the staff here at the SSO are as delighted as you that Kevin Brownlow will be visiting with us next month!
charliechaplinfan wrote:The bad news I'm on holiday :cry: Is there any rules about submitting questions early or giving them to another member to ask for me?
Why not private message any one of the staff with your questions prior to your holiday? I'm sure that one of us can submit them for you.
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Post by sandykaypax »

WOW! I'm Floored. I can't wait to "talk" to Mr. Brownlow.

Thanks moira!

Sandy K
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Post by MissGoddess »

What marvelous news, Moira! Congratulations, you guys, on getting such a splendid Guest Star to join us. I will really make an effort to think of some pertinent questions ahead of time. I look forward to this with great anticipation.

Again, well done Miss Finnie! :D
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Post by Jezebel38 »

And I was thinking it was going to be Robert Osborne -ha, ha! Kevin Brownlow - this is incredible news! Kudos to you Moira for arranging this!
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Post by cinemalover »

Great catch, and yet another mark of distinction for the site!

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Ann Harding
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Post by Ann Harding »

When you wrote it was going to be a VIP, I was thinking of Brownlow actually.....though I thought it was only a dream......Thanks for this marvellous opportunity!!! :D
What a way to celebrate!!!! 8)
Mr. Arkadin
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Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Great news. :D
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Post by Marta »

Charliechaplinfan told me about this on the phone today, I was really excited when she told me!!! I will have to think hard about what I want to ask. I can't wait!!!!! :) :) :)
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Post by ChiO »

I am just stunned! Does it ever get better than this?
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Post by catherine »

A visit with Mr. Brownlow is an extraordinary opportunity and thank you for the link to the British Film Institute interview and for the gift of time to revisit THE PARADE'S GONE BY in earnest. Thank goodness there is also time to learn to brew a proper pot of tea, get the corgis groomed and oh my, what will I wear...florals are in this Spring. Thank-you all at SSO!
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Post by silentscreen »

Wow it doesn't get any better than this! What an honor!
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