A VERY Special Guest Star in April

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What an amazing surprise :shock:

Thanks SSO!!!
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This is truly wonderful news. My admiration for Mr. Brownlow has been boundless since I saw the Hollywood series many years ago.
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Did you promise Brownlow M&Ms or something? It looks like you hit a home run. If I didn't tell you before - Congratulations.

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Ann Harding wrote:When you wrote it was going to be a VIP, I was thinking of Brownlow actually.....though I thought it was only a dream......Thanks for this marvellous opportunity!!! :D
What a way to celebrate!!!! 8)
I've been talking about trying to get Brownlow ever since we started the guest star program. He's a personal hero -- it's difficult for me to imagine that silent film appreciation would be anywhere near its current level without him. He's a true giant. His work in the 1960s in getting the interviews that made up The Parade's Gone Byand later the Hollywood miniseries is just monumental. It's because of his efforts that those interviews and memories were preserved at all.

It's a dream come true for me as well.
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Wow! Simply, Wow.
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Are we getting "too big for our breeches," or what!!
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