Musings on The Misfits

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Re: Musings on The Misfits

Post by Lomm »

The Misfits is a wonderful film. I am not a fan of Westerns and agree with the above comment that this isn't really a it's my favorite "Western". :)

Gable's performance blew away my preconceived notions of his acting abilities; his breakdown in the film moved me. I could truly feel for the man, as if it were someone I knew. Marilyn gave her finest performance as well. Always an underrated actress due to her status as a sex symbol, I don't feel that she was ever given the kinds of roles that could really showcase her skill, besides this one. What a shame that it was the end for both of them. Monty Clift's story is a tragic one as well.
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Re: Musings on The Misfits

Post by MissGoddess »

beautifully said, Jackie. especially your description of the "uncomfortable" performance by Wallach. they all nailed their characters perfectly---just perfectly.

i watched streetcar again last night and the fact alex north scored both films got me to comparing and i felt things in common with rosalyn and blanche.
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Re: Musings on The Misfits

Post by sandykaypax »

Beautiful post, Wendy. You said everything that I was thinking, except that I didn't know I was thinking it until I read your post! Ha!

Yes, Gable blew me away as well. I feel like I saw Gable the man in his portrayal, not just the character of Gay.

Sandy K
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