Classic stars with their own websites

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Classic stars with their own websites

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Some of our old stars are surprisingly active on Internet, directly or indirectly! Remember Kirk Douglas' Myspace blog? He's stopped that for some time, but there are others around. Compiling a list here could facilitate any attempt of trying to write to them.

First off is Marilyn Knowlden. It's a personal website where she introduces herself and shares her thoughts and pictures. As a child actress, she was in many classic films. I recently made a Wikipedia page for her.

Next up is another contemporary of hers, Gloria Jean. The talented singer maintains the website along with her sister Bonnie. It's worth checking out.

Then we have an interesting page of Jean Darling who's mainly known through the Our Gang series. I'm not sure when it was last updated, though.

Another Our Gang actress, Mildred Kornman, has a page where you can enjoy picturs of her modeling days as Ricki van Dusen. I'm not sure about her contact info, but she has a guest book that one can sign.

The lovely Monica Lewis has a pretty neat website as well.

Here's one for Marjorie Lord.

Even centenarian Herb Jeffries has a page with contact info.

Movie director Kenneth Anger.

Actor Nehemiah Persoff talks about his love for paintings. Or why not do his puzzle?

Here's one for Alan Young.

Jayne Meadows.

There's one for Sara Shane as well, but I think it might be a commercial one regarding other ventures than acting (medicine or something).
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