Kevin Brownlow's Hollywood (1980)

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as I've said many times before: Kevin Brownlow deserves an honorary Oscar for his work as a filmmaker, film preservationist, and film historian.... but of course a slug like Jerry Lewis wins (Hersholt humanitarian award) instead.
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Re: Kevin Brownlow's Hollywood (1980)

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I wish that this series would be issued on DVD, but, as Lynn mentioned yesterday in her account of seeing Kevin Brownlow interviewed at the TCM Classic Film Festival, the glorious documentary series Hollywood (1980) created by Mr. Brownlow and David Gill needs to be seen. Here are all 13 episodes, beginning below--including that glorious theme music created by Carl Davis in the back of a taxi!:

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Re: Kevin Brownlow's Hollywood (1980)

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It's worth catching, all in one go if necessary.
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