Harold Lloyd

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Re: Harold Lloyd

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TCM recently aired two of Lloyd's compilation films he produced and released in the early 60's, and while I'm not necessarily a fan of these types of films, they are both pretty good, offering a number of single-gag highlights, as well as featuring some longer sequences from some of Lloyd's features. Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy includes lengthy sequences from Why Worry?, Hot Water, the race to the church sequence from Girl Shy and the climbing sequence from Lloyd's sound film, Feet First. (There are also much shorter snippets form other films). Harold Lloyd's Funny Side of Life includes short bits from The Kid Brother, For Heaven's Sake and Speedy, and then offers The Freshman, nearly (if not totally) complete.

Both films have some slight, unfunny narration bridging the clips, and there are sound effects as well as music (which works pretty well, but to varying degrees).

While I prefer the original films in their entirety, these compilations may work well as an introduction to the world of Lloyd's "glass character" comedies.
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Re: Harold Lloyd

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I think the compilations are what I watched when I was a child. In some ways these are better for children because they are just watching the funny bits. It's only as you get older you like to watch the build up too.

I'm glad to come back to our conversation :wink:
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Re: Harold Lloyd

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Am I missing something or is WELCOME DANGER pretty awful? A half silent half talkie originally almost three hours is badly dubbed and frankly just not funny. And I usually likehim very much.

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