LILAC TIME 35 Millimeter Screening March 7th!

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LILAC TIME 35 Millimeter Screening March 7th!

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:D Yeah! George Fitzmaurice LILAC TIME (1928) Starring Colleen Moore with Gary Cooperin 35 Millimeter! A very rare 35 Millimeter screening on March 7th at 7.30 PM. Generally, when ever this is shown it is from a 16 millimeter source. Although 80 minutes seems a bit short for 11 reels. So I wonder if this is complete or not? :? Or if a complete print still exists? doesn't sound like it. I'll keep my eye out for a Cinefamily Trailer like many of the presentations they have had. I sure hope there is one, with brief clips. I knew that 35 Millimeter prints of LILAC TIME survived, but was not sure who had them.

Gee, wish I could be there. Long, long ways from California. Great photo of Colleen and and Coop pictured at the site. Don't know if this have the vintage scoring track or not? My understanding is the Firn-A phone track long considered lost, was found and restored some years ago. I know there was a a live event with the track back in 2003. If only we could get a TCM debut.

Here is the link with more deatails:

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