Best Prints?

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Best Prints?

Post by HowardRoarkSheffield »

Hi, I recently watched the 1922 Sherlock Holmes film with John Barrymore. And if you know me you know my constant hunt to watch more and more of Mr Barrymore's films. Now, I was very pleased with the quality of the print, which was thankfully restored a few years back. And I was wondering if anybody knew of a good print for two of his other films, Beau Brummel and Sea Beasts. There is nothing worse than finding a film you know you'll love but then discovering the print is so bad that you can't tell the difference between the actors face and the background....wait...scrap that...there is nothing worse than knowing you'll love a film and finding it on the 'Lost List;
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Re: Best Prints?

Post by CoffeeDan »

Howard, BEAU BRUMMEL is available in an excellent DVD from the Warner Archive Collection. THE SEA BEAST is out there in a substandard DVD from Televista. It's really terrible, I don't recommend it. However, I did see THE SEA BEAST on the big screen at Cinevent about three years ago. It has its moments, but I had trouble staying awake the whole time, despite a rousing accompaniment from Philip Carli.
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