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For the second time in my life I sat and watched a silent movie from beginning to end. I am not a fan of them because most of you know I like to have my hands busy while watching TV, like crocheting, doing a cross stitch, or anything else rather than just sitting like a lump. So when I saw the ad for The Wind, and heard the snippetts of info from Sally Field and RO, I was intrigued. I have to admit I enjoyed the story, and even the acting although if it were a talkie and those facial looks were used, I would have laughed, but somehow, they fit in a silent. Ms. Gish was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous, even in the parts where she was messed up from the wind and sand. Somehow, you felt her fear and loathing of the elements and you almost felt the gritty sensation on your body. The sand storms were expertly presented in the episode of Centennial, but in some way, I guess with the black and white, and shadowy scenes, this movie made them seem even more sinister than the color version did.

Again, as I prefer to do sewing, or something while watching TV, I will never be a silent film addict, but I do understand better, the rage for them that some of you have.

I also have to comment on how much I like Sally as a co-host for the Essential program. As usual, she is joyful, perky and easy on the ear and eye.

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