James Cagney's pre-code films

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More pre-code Cagney from the Warner Archive!

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ImageThis may be old news, but the Warner Archive has finally released HE WAS HER MAN {1934), James Cagney's last pre-code film -- also his eighth and last film with his most frequent leading lady, Joan Blondell. This means that the Warner Archive has released all of James Cagney's pre-code films on DVD, except one -- THE MILLIONAIRE (see above). WA to go!

ImageMore recently, Warner Archive released FOOTLIGHT PARADE (1933) on Blu-ray, the second pre-code Cagney vehicle in that medium, the first being THE PUBLIC ENEMY. This was Cagney's first real opportunity to show off his dancing talents after teasing his audience in OTHER MEN'S WOMEN and TAXI! This is also the most spectacular of the Busby Berkeley musicals released by Warner Brothers in 1933, which revived the movie musical in a big way.

George Feltenstein said on a recent Warner Archive podcast that FOOTLIGHT PARADE was mastered for Blu-ray from a safety fine-grain struck from the original camera negative, and as a result, the picture is remarkably sharp and detailed. I'll have more to say about this one later -- stay tuned!
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Re: James Cagney's pre-code films

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Thanks for the heads up.

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