The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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moira finnie
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The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) on this Saturday, Apr. 28th, at 8:00PM EDT, (and, if you miss it, on Wed., Jun 14th, at 10:00PM).

Whew, they finally chose a movie that deserves to be an Essential! At least this evergreen film seems to be an ideal action adventure tale to me. Also seems to be the best Errol Flynn movie ever--and one that I'd probably choose to introduce him to new viewers. Or is it? Naysayers?
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Post by movieman1957 »

No argument from me. It seems to be everything that is Flynn. He's brave, charming, funny, very athletic all wrapped up in a beautiful color film. Anytime you can throw in Olivia it only helps. I would follow closely with "Captain Blood" and then maybe one of his westerns.

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Moraldo Rubini
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Merry Men

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The Adventures of Robin Hood gets my vote or the best Errol Flynn, but perhaps I'm prejudiced: I was born and raised in the town where it was filmed. Throughout my childhood, I played in "Sherwood Forest" (née Bidwell Park), and would sit, enraptured, as locals told stories about the filming. They'd shake their heads as they'd tell how the crew would paint the brown underbrush green to transform golden northern California into rural England. My neighbor giggled naughtily when she'd tell of some of the local scandals, like the spinster school teacher who had an affair with one of the Merry Men. She described seeing Olivia De Havilland on horseback... and there were stars in my eyes. The film is still revived there every few years, to the delight and pride of the locals.
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Sue Sue Applegate
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What a great background story. The Adventures of Robin Hood is one of my favorites.

I never realized they had to paint the brown underbrush green. How much fun it must have been to roam around there in "Sherwood" Forest.
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Post by JulieMarch4th »

Hey, I've been to Bidwell Park!! I have family living in that town!

About Robin Hood -- it's a classic that's accessable to all ages, I think. It was the first 'old' movie that I saw in color, and I was enthralled. (I did grow up with black and white sets, so the newness of something in color always amazed me)

I think I read on a Nottingham UK website that the town council was thinking of, um, distancing themselves from Robin Hood. Well, he was a thief! Even if he is a folk hero.

But, I don't think I've ever seen Flynn in a movie that I didn't like him in. I'm looking forward to That Forsyte Woman coming in July -- it's one of his most unusual roles.

Mr. Holmes, I don't think I've ever heard of Rocky Mountain. Where did you see it?

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I've heard good things about "Rocky Mountain" but have never seen it.

Oddly, it was Ronald Reagan who brought "Rocky Mountain," then called "Ghost Mountain" to the attention of Warner Brothers. He thought he would then be the star, but Warners gave it to Flynn. In the book "City of Nets," author Otto Friedrich opined that this soured Reagan on the movies and he began to look to TV and politics.

Back to "Adventures of Robin Hood," I think it is terrific. It certainly buries "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves".
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