Veteran's Day

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Veteran's Day

Post by Hollis »

Good morning all,

I sincerely don't want this to sound self serving, but next Tuesday, November 11th, is Veteran's Day here in the States. Take just a moment to thank a vet you know, whether he or she served in peacetime or war, for the service they provided so that you wouldn't have to. If you're a vet, you can be proud of the time and service you gave to your country, no matter what it was you did, or when. Thanks for giving me a moment up here on my soapbox.

As always,

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Post by movieman1957 »

Let us begin with you. A grateful thanks to you and to Klondike for your devoted service to our country. It is a grand thing you have done and we are all the better for your dedication.

Many thanks to any other of our members who have served their country.

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Post by klondike »

Your welcome, Chris; I consider my service to have been simply what I was called upon to do to serve my Country - and in my heart o' hearts, I genuinely feel that every conscientious American who conducts their life honorably, and works hard for the future of their children, and/or profession, and/or community, renders just as valuable a service to the United States, and to the integrity of Humankind.
The day-to-day stakes may not be as high, but those other commitments often require the same level of courage & willingness to sacrifice. I'm proud to be a vet, don't get me wrong, but I'm a dad & a granddad & a working man first.
That's the way this ol' Dog rolls!
And you know what I'd really like to receive for Vet's Day?
News that all our sons & daughters were coming home from active duty in the Middle East right now.
Of all the promises that President Elect Obama made, that's the one that needs fulfilling first!
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Post by inglis »

Hi Hollis and Klondike .
I have met many veteran's over the course of my life alot of them were customers of mine when I used to work retail .I have always had the greatest of admiration for all of you who give the greatest sacrifice.To go off and fight for your country is couragous and selfless thing to do . Thankyou and to my fellow Canadians as well .
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Post by knitwit45 »

Hollis, Klonnie, and all the others here who have stood between me and evil:

Thank you. Yesterday, we as a nation, went to the polls and made our choices without fear of intimidation or reprisal. Just that alone is a precious gift that we must never EVER take for granted. If you Vets hadn't stepped up and served, we would not be able to live our lives as we do today.

Thank you is such a small phrase, but my heart is in it.

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Post by moira finnie »

Thanks to each of you who read this who have served this country in the military. In the afterglow of yesterday's election, I know that such an occasion could not have occurred without your efforts nor that of long gone, anonymous millions. Today, more than ever, I know that we stand on the shoulders of giants in this country.
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Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Thanks to all who have served our country. Without your sacrifice we could never enjoy the freedoms and security we have today.

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