A small thank you

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A small thank you

Post by tinker »

As some people here know I have spent the last number of years writing a thesis about the significance of learning and contribution to knowledge in forums such as this. Some members here who I cannot name for ethical reasons were kind enough to contribute their thoughts and ideas to me and for many others the conversations I found here and in other forums were an inspiration.

Of course my coming to these forums were not just study, these forums hold are a place where I can indulge my passion for the silver screen and John Ford movies and always will be. But if you have to spend years writing about a topic it ought to be something that holds your passion.

Anyway I was notified yesterday that I have been awarded a doctorate for my thesis and I wanted to thank everybody here for their wonderful words and thoughts and inspirations which helped me find the words to explain why these small corners of the Internet are also very important to understanding.

Thank you again

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Re: A small thank you

Post by Masha »

I congratulate you heartily! I remember well my first. I should say that I remember well being called to office to be told and to receive supporting documents. What occurred a short while later after my friends began plying me with blini and vodka in celebration is a blur only.

I hope that you are yet basking in the glow.
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Re: A small thank you

Post by moira finnie »

Congratulations, Dee!
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Re: A small thank you

Post by Lomm »

Wow, that's great! Congratulations!
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Re: A small thank you

Post by movieman1957 »

Such wonderful news. Congratulations, Dee.

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Re: A small thank you

Post by knitwit45 »

What a wonderful achievement! Congratulations.
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Rita Hayworth
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Re: A small thank you

Post by Rita Hayworth »

Dee, congratulations on getting your doctorate and I'm very proud of you!
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