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My So-Called Life..."Go, now, go!"

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I caught a couple of episodes back in the '90's...after ABC like cancelled it and MTV like had the totally great idea of buying the rights to show it like several times a day...
I finally got around to buying last year's DVD release-including all 19 episodes-and went on a marathon viewing binge/emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of laughs and even more tears.
What an amazing (and time-less) look at a bunch of high school kids and their families and friends.
Despite a few (network TV?) flaws, it is very well written, directed, photographed, scored and acted by a great cast.
The biggest surprise (for me) in re-visiting this gem was Clare Danes. She is incredible as Angela Chase...and she was only 13 when she started the show-which was filmed over a two and a half year period.
It is like totally worth watching just for Clare's honest and mesmerizing teen angst.
Any other fans?
Handsome Johnny Eck
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