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There goes the neighborhood...

Post by benwhowell »

Thanks for your cool "link," Bryce!
"Exile On Main Street" is my fave Stones' album...and I was totally unaware of this interesting cover from Pussy Galore...
I recently read an article (somewhere) with some guy choosing his favorite top ten albums to drive his neighbors crazy. I was anxious to rush out and buy most of them. :twisted:
Some of my favorite albums (from my collection) that could quite possibly drive my neighbors crazy include several Sonic Youth's, Nina Hagen's "NunSexMonkRock," Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" (I can't even watch the "Closer" video-for PETA-type reasons,) Sufjan Stevens' "Enjoy Your Rabbit" and (the ultimate) Butthole Surfers' "Locust Abortion Technician."
Handsome Johnny Eck
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